Welcome to the Signature Medical Associates practice, and thank you for entrusting us with your care. We hope that you'll take a moment to read over this patient guide. This guide is designed to give you a brief overview of Signature Medical Associates and to help you to use our services more conveniently. Should you have any specific questions about your care, please call your physician directly. For any questions about Signature Medical Associates, please feel free to contact our office manager at 847/214-9612.

Prior to your first visit with us, please take a moment and download the Medical History form. Fill it out, and bring with you for your appointment. This saves you the trouble of doing it then, and saves you time you'd be spending in the waiting room.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing quality health care and accessibility to our community. We plan to accomplish the objective through the cooperation of patients, medical staff members and ancillary personnel. The focus will be on the patient, guiding you toward better health. We recognize the need for patients and their families to help themselves by becoming active participants in partnership with their physician. In today's ever-changing health care environment, the art of medicine, education and personal commitment are paramount to attain the goal of healthy body and mind.

Office Hours

Our offices are open Monday through Saturday with some evening hours available. In the event that you require immediate care, there is emergency coverage available to you simply by calling your primary care physician. It is our goal for you to see your own physician at every visit.


If your child (under the age of 18) comes to our office not accompanied by a parent, a parental note authorizing treatment must be provided. In an emergency we will call you for authorization.


Immunizations will be available and partial payment is expected at the time of service. If they are not covered by your insurance full payment is expected at time of service. Additional resources for immunizations are the Kane County Health Department (630/208-3801) and the McHenry County Health Department (815/334-4510).

Test Results

It often takes more than a week to get certain test results back. Please check with your individual physician as to what his or her policy is regarding notification of laboratory and other test results.


ADULTS - If you become hospitalized, your primary care physician may not see you while you are in the hospital. One of our colleagues, a hospital medicine specialist affiliated with IPC-The Hospitalist Company, will be managing your care and communicating with your primary care physician. The hospitalist will guide you as to when you should follow-up with your primary care physician after discharge.

CHILDREN - If your child becomes hospitalized his or her own physician will guide the medical care. If your child's physician is not available one of the other Signature Medical Associates physicians will manage his/her care and communicate back to the patient's regular physician. All newborns are seen each morning by the designated on-call physician in the group.

Insurance information

Please familiarize yourself with your insurance plans coverage and benefits. Refer to your insurance information booklet provided by your Employer or your Human resource department at work. These booklets will give you valuable information about prescriptions, eye care services, mental healthcare benefits, emergency care, specialist referrals and laboratory testing. We encourage you to call the toll free number on your insurance card for any insurance questions you may have.

Reaching Us For Emergencies

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911. In the event that you require immediate care, there is emergency coverage available to you by calling your primary care physician's office. The answering service will page the covering physician. Be prepared to give the name and age of the patient, your physician's name, your telephone number where you can be reached and a brief description of the problem. A physician will call you back within 15 minutes.

Preventative Examinations

Signature Medical Associates feel that it is important for you to understand the preventative medical examination. A preventative medical examination is a visit to discuss important issues directed toward preventing illness and maintaining good health. Well-child visits, school and sports physicals and complete physical examinations are all preventative visits. These visits are not to care for illnesses or new medical complaints. If a patient has medical concerns, it may be difficult for the physician to focus on preventative issues and in this case the billing for the office visit may change.

As a patient it is your responsibility to be aware of whether your health insurance plan covers preventive medical visits. Patients without insurance coverage for preventative medical visits will be seen with the understanding that they are responsible for payment.

Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the coverage provided by your insurance plan. You may contact your physician's office with inquiries about preventative medical visits. If you have questions about the bill you received, please call 847/214-9611.

CDL Examinations

Drs. Udaya Bontu, Ulysses Magnanao, and Shital Tanna are certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Call their office if you require a CDL examination for your employment.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to other patients, please give at least 24 hours notice should you have to cancel your appointment. If 24 hours notice is not possible, please call us as soon as you know that a cancellation is necessary. If you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late for your appointment please call.


If you have an insurance plan that requires a written referral, please allow five business days for its completion. Generally, the referral can only be authorized by your primary care physician. If the specialist is recommending a procedure, x-ray, laboratory work or a specific treatment plan, authorization must be obtained through your primary care physician. Please remind the specialist to send your primary care physician all information and recommendations regarding your visit and or test results.

Prescription Refills

If you need a prescription refill we encourage you to ask your Pharmacy to fax your refill requests to our office. You can call your physician's office or have your pharmacy us call during normal business hours 8:30AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday. Please provide:
• The name of the medication and dosage

• Patient name

• A pharmacy name and phone number
You may need to see your physician before your prescription can be refilled. Please allow at least 48 hours for a refill to be authorized and several weeks if you have your prescription refilled by mail. Please do not allow your prescriptions to run out if it is a medication you take routinely.

It is our policy not to prescribe any antibiotics or to refill pain medications outside of regular office hours.

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